Brooklyn Girls - Gemma Burgess

17 September 2014

Pages: 292 pages
Edition: Paperback
Language: English
Publisher: Quercus UK
Source: Won
Started: 5th of January, 2014
Finished: 5th of August, 2014

Pia is living the dream: fresh out of college and sharing a house in Brooklyn with her best friends. So why is everything so complicated?

A drunken indiscretion has led to the loss of her boring office job, while her love life is a dizzy mess of accidental hook-ups and heartbreak...

Her parents don't trust her and, if she doesn't sort her life out soon, they're going to make her move back in with them...

But all that's nothing compared to the kind of trouble she's about to face.

At least she can rely on her friends - Coco, Angie, Julia and Madeleine. But how much can she really expect them to put up with?

My Thoughts

I have taken a long time to read this one. I started on it, stopped it, and then started on it again. And then in the summer holidays I decided it was time to finally read it, because it had just taken too long. I had won this book back in January and I think even longer ago, and the story always looked fun to me, so I don't know why I haven't read it sooner. Because really, IT WAS AWESOME! It was such a fun story and I didn't know what exactly to expect of it, but this definitely wasn't it!

So I'm definitely looking forward to Angies story now that I've read Pia's. So basically, Pia fucked up. She lost her job and now her parents want to send her to Switzerland, and she definitely doesn't want to go there. So she comes up with a plan and tries to get that as successful as possible, so her parents would leave her in New York.

I had not expected to like this book as much as I liked it. I am usually not a big New Adult fan, but this one was written great and it wasn't an erotica in disguise either. I'm looking forward to read more that this author has written and that's why I can't wait to read Angie's story.

I highly recommend this one to people that enjoy New Adult books with a fun plot and a happy ending. If you have read this one already, then let know what you thought and whether you are looking forward to reading Angie's story.


  1. Oh, wow - the different cover threw me, but I liked this one, too!

    Kate @ Ex Libris

  2. This looks great, I quite like the cover! And i didn't get to say earlier on, I really love your new blog design. It looks fantastic!

  3. I'm not usually a big NA person either, but ever since I read the Addicted series, I've been a lot more open, so I'll definitely be taking a gander at this one!