I'm BACK! Kinda.

13 March 2015


You might wonder, what has been happening on Sandra's World of Books. Let me just help you out there. As I have posted before, I have been going back to school and this has limited my reading time immensely. In just 8 weeks time, I will be having my final exams and I will graduate with this particular High School Diploma. After that, just another year of pain and torture and then I will be able to finally study in University. For those of you that are interested in what I plan to do, I will end up studying Russian in either the University of Leiden, Netherlands or the University of Groningen, Netherlands.

I have read books and I'm slowly coming around to reviewing those, but don't expect me to be fully active just yet. I need to finish my design for this blog and some things have not been fully working yet. As in, I don't have a rating system yet, so I'm redesigning all my blog posts, removing those that are not necessary or no fun, and rewriting and making the layout better for the reviews that I have written in the past. This takes a bunch of time, so most of the reviews are not up yet, plus the design might switch a bit and such and such. But that won't be noticeable.

What I'm going to change

  • I won't be posting certain features anymore, such as Top Ten Tuesdays. Why? Because I think most of the blogs post that on Tuesdays, and I love reading them sure, but if you've read 10 of them that day, I don't want to read another one anymore. I just want to come up with an unique way to come up with some favorites. 
  • I will end up requesting not as many ARC's as I used to. I will first read all the books that I have collected over the past month (LOL HOW?!) and read them before I will start requesting books. My TBR of personal books is so LONG I have about 40 unread currently and I think this amount needs to lower.
  • I will also read more literature. English literature, Russian literature and Dutch literature (especially the latter one for school purposes of course) and I will try my best to review them so it might help you decide what book you would want to read. And I just feel like I have read more literature. 
  • Reviews might not come as regularly. I don't feel like reviewing all the time so they won't be up every few days, just whenever I feel like them. Because why not?!
  • I also would like to introduce a new feature that has nothing to do with books. I will show you all my MAIL ART. For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you might know that I have penpals and I have been writing letters and designing envelopes a lot, so I would love to share with you my art!

What have you been up to?


  1. I like your new design, with all the green and the cat! Looking forward to see in which direction your blgo will go. I agree with you on top ten tuesday, I like the meme, but after I read ten of them I've had enough. They do have some great ideas for tens list though, sometimes I write them down so I can use them for a future post myself.

  2. Yeaaay, you are back! And Russian, that is an interesting choice :D How did you decide to study that? I love your glasses by the way ;)