About Me

The Blogger

My name is Sandra and I'm an 18-year old student from the Netherlands. I am currently trying to gain the right amount of certifications to get into the university course of my choice. I have studied Graphic Design before and that is where I have learned to design all kinds of things which has been useful. I plan to study Russian at the University of Groningen, Netherlands in 2016.

I'm currently in a relationship with a wonderful guy who has helped me out (just a tiny tiny) bit with the coding of this website. I have quite a few other hobbies that I like occupying my time with, one of which is writing letters to my penpals abroad and within my own country. Other things that keep me busy when I'm not reading books: school, homework, writing projects, making crafts, listening to music, blogging, skyping with friends, playing video games and learning languages!

I love the thought of traveling and visiting new places. I haven't been that far outside of my country before and there are so many places I wish to visit in the near future, including Prague, Bratislava, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Zagreb and that are only some of the places within Europe I wish to visit! I have never been on an airplane (then again, I'm a little bit afraid of heights). I also wish to learn lots and lots of new languages besides the languages I have already partially mastered (Dutch, English, German). I also love making new bookish friends, so you can always send me a message on instagram or email me! Because there is a big chance that I will reply as soon as I am available!

The Blog

I started Sandra's World of Books in July 2013 after talking to a friend about book blogs. I had recently started reading books again and I wanted to share my opinion about the boos I read. I noticed that there were a lot of book blogs out there and I adored read those. That's when I decided to join the book blogging community.

I review the books I read, there is usually fangirling, swooning and sometimes it's more internal monologue rather than an actual review. But that is just my style! Sandra's World of Books is my little place on the internet where I can post whatever I want to post and I love it.